Wanted to learn Swift, ended up building a micro SaaS in public

Wanted to learn Swift, ended up building a micro SaaS in public

Let’s get it started! Building a MacOS app in public is the best way to learn a new technology, isn’t it? That’s how the journey starts, follow along to start something on your own!
Well, what can I say? Shit happens…
notion image
I wasn’t planning a big career change, just wanted to see what’s new and how this fancy SwiftUI thing compares to Flutter which I fell for. Anyways, I’ve decided to build a desktop app. Why? For two reasons: first of all, I didn’t want lose time while waiting for the app to install on my phone - I know it’s a couple of seconds but patience is not my thing. And most importantly, have you ever had to get up from your bed because you left the charging cable in the home office? Yeah, happens to me all the time!
Usually I was starting with a new technology from finding the project idea. Either a copycat or a personal-use tool. This time I had a short list of things that “might” be useful while building a product with Swift eventually:
  1. Authentication (preferable OAuth like Twitter/FB/Google login)
  1. Secure and local storage
  1. Navigation bar apps
  1. Background processes
  1. SwiftUI

The „Aha!” Moment

I explore Twitter more frequently nowadays, and with the right people to follow, it’s an exceptional source of inspiration. My first experiment with Swift was the Twitter login with OAuth. It encouraged me to traverse the Twitter API a bit more and the idea started to sprout in my head. It went well, except wasting enormous amount of time to find out that I need to turn off the sandbox mode in the Xcode 🤷‍♂️
I had a token, so all I needed was to store it in a secure storage. And you know what? I googled it! That was full copy-paste driven development experience. And it took 15 minutes. I call it a win!
Okay, so I had the user signed in with the Twitter account and the “Hello @username” displayed. I played a bit with UI, moved the app to the status bar and… started crawling Twitter timeline again. Then I saw this:
notion image
No, not the password protection… The way Noah presented the new feature was simple but very eye-catching (if you don’t follow him it’s about the time, this blog is build with his tool Potion.so).
That was it, the idea has been born. MacOS app to take beautiful screenshots you can post directly to Twitter.
Not sure if anyone needs that, but at least I could use it myself.

What’s next?

I want to build it. But I want to do it the right way. And I want to do it in public! I’m going to record the videos for each step I take. Still haven’t decided if the code should be open sourced, probably not. But what if someone watching the videos would copy the idea? Well, it can happen, but if that would teach someone a thing then it’s partially my personal success. I could use a “thank you” coffee as well 😅
So what are next steps?
📈 Build a landing page and validate the idea
🔐 Build the app login flow with Twitter
📸 Build the screenshot taking feature
✨ Add some effects (background + shadow)
🐦 Add post to Twitter functionality
🍎 Release to AppStore
6 steps = 6 videos.
That’s it, keep your fingers crossed and follow my journey on Twitter. Let’s ship it! 🚢